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support before and after
Which came first the chicken or the egg.?
Support encompasses much more then just after the sale or install. Support is part of the decision process. It is part of educating the customer and helping them to make the right decision about their needs. So many Solution Providers are only interested in the sale and then move on. If you have questions or problems the wait can cost you.
No two solutions are the same
Will do what ever it takes to get your job done. With our one provider solutions there will be no finger pointing.

There will only be resolve and we will work to that end.


administrative services programs
Maybe you don't have a need for a full time Network Administrator bits & pc's will place in your office an administrator to help solve your day to day issues. For a minimum of 4 consecutive hours you may have one of our techs in your office every week. 
Having a tech in your office every week benefits both of us. We can do a better job of managing your systems growth and  maintenance if we are involved weekly. We can provide that level of support as issues come up and see things that may be problematic before they happen.
Your employees will appreciate the ability to have problems solved promptly as well. Your companies production will be your return. © 2010. Privacy Policy