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What is your IT department made up of?
Web Based Asset Manager:
bits & pc's inc. offers a complete web based asset manager. Within a multi level secure web based system your IT staff can track all of your hardware, software and other peripherals. What version of OS do we run and is it licensed? How old is this PC? What is this PC's history? I had a similar problem last month in another location. What resolved it? These are questions as well as many more that can be answered quickly. It is a collaborative environment that will help your IT staff to schedule tasks and your users to submit problems.
We are working very hard and plan to roll out our Asset Management Web area this December.
asset planning and scheduling
Your IT infrastructure was probably a bigger investment then your current office. As you monitor your building's expenses you need to have a similar perspective on your IT expenses as well. Your accountant can tell you how many pc's or servers you bought but can he tell you how many times each has failed? can he tell you how many hours of service has been spent on it or what it has for software?

bits & pc's web based online asset manager can tell you these things. This information can help in deciding which VAR has better quality hardware or which application needs updating. Your support personnel will just be able to do their jobs more efficiently keeping your employees and staff happier and productive. 

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